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Oh, H., Sutherland, M., Stack, N., Badia, M., Blumen, S., Nguyen Quoc, A., Wormald, C., Maakrun, J., Baier, B., Schmidt, M. & Ziegler, A. (2014). A cross-national comparison of school students' perceptions regarding high performing peers. Turkish Journal of Giftedness and Education, 4 (1), 10-23.


This cross-national scenario based study examined fourth-grade students' perceptions of high-performing classmates in terms of their expected intellectual abilities, positive social qualities and popularity among their peers across seven countries. The overall results show that high academic achievements predominantly lead to positive expectations within the peer group. However, pronounced differences were found between the countries. The results indicated that students from Spanish-speaking countries viewed their potential high-performing peers most favorably, followed by students from Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany. The least favorable expectations, but by no means negative attitude, were exhibited by students from the two East-Asian countries Korea and Vietnam. In contrast, the respondents' gender and the gender of the hypothetical successful classmates had less influence on student perceptions of high-performers. These findings have implications for the educational provision of high performing students in different cross-national contexts.