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Vladut, A., Vialle, W. & Ziegler, A. (2015). Learning resources within the Actiotope: A validation study of the QELC (Questionnaire of Educational and Learning Capital). Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling, 57 (1), 40-56.


In the Actiotope Model of Giftedness the important role of exogenous and endogenous learning resources (educational and learning capital) for successful learning is emphasized. However, so far no empirical evidence has been offered to establish a link between an actiotope and learning resources. An economical quantitative measuring instrument is the Questionnaire of Educational and Learning Capital (QELC). In an empirical study with a sample of 248 post-secondary school students from Germany, the empirical link between actiotope variables and learning resources was established. The results showed that the QELC has satisfactory psychometric qualities as well as acceptable factorial and concurrent validity.