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Castree, N. (2015). Coproducing global change research and geography: the means and ends of engagement. Dialogues in Human Geography, 5 (3), 343-348.


This response identifies three areas of agreement with my interlocutors. One is the importance of global change science now and in the future; a second is the real capacity that geographers possess to shape the content and direction of global change science, building on past achievements; and the third is the existence of 'group think' in parts of global change science, presenting a target for constructive criticism but also an opportunity for serious engagement. The response then addresses specific points raised in the five commentaries. These points pertain to the burden of academic responsibility, the political aims of 'Changing the Anthropo(s)cene', the power of reason, the virtues of working 'inside' global change science, the volume and kind of contributions made by geographers so far and - finally - the dilemmas of engaging global change science as critic or friend.



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