I Do? On geography, marriage and love in Australia



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Waitt , G. (2015). I Do? On geography, marriage and love in Australia. Australian Geographer, 46 (4), 429-436.


Calls for law reform in Australia reveal marriage as central to the notions of family and citizenship. Attention here is drawn to the recent lack of willingness to debate marriage equality in Australia-from either its advocates or opponents-following a cross-party marriage equality private members bill. Federal Liberal/National Coalition politicians dismiss legislative frameworks that recognise marriage equality in Australia because it is thought to cause the demise of social mores, or is at best unimportant. Advocates for same-sex marriage present promises based on rights, justice and equality, yet fail to reflect on the social implications for those who arrange their sexual lives outside this institutionalised partnership. I argue that the lack of debate is operating to narrow rather than widen understandings about 'love', drawing attention to geographical understanding of the links between sex, bodies, gender, families and belonging.

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