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Solowij, N., Yucel, M., Lorenzetti, V. & Lubman, D. (2012). Does cannabis cause lasting brain damage?. In D. Castle, R. M. Murray & D. Cyril. D'Souza (Eds.), Marijuana and Madness (pp. 103-113). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Until recently, it was possible to state with some confi - dence that there was no evidence of cannabis-related brain damage in humans. There was some support from the animal literature, but few human studies had been conducted where the findings could not be explained by methodological or other confounding factors. Recent evidence for gross morphological, connectivity and microstructural changes has now emerged that warrants further consideration. If cannabis were found to alter the structural integrity of the brain, then this may assist us to understand the mechanisms by which cannabis triggers psychotic symptoms or overt psychosis in vulnerable individuals.



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