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Sammons, P., Sylva, K., Siraj-Blatchford, I., Taggart, B., Smees, R. & Melhuish, E. (2008). Exploring pupils' views of primary school in Year 5. London, United Kingdom: Department for Education and Skills.


A range of information about pupils' self-perceptions and views of their primary school were collected as part of the EPPE 3-11 Project. In Year 5, the 'All About Me and My School' questionnaire included information about pupils' views of their primary school. A range of statistical methods has been used to investigate results for 2,528 pupils for whom at least one pupils' views of primary school outcome measure was collected in Year 5. Three measures of pupils' views of primary school were identified from exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis of the questionnaire data and these measures have been further analysed in relation to a range of child, family and home learning environment (HLE) characteristics to explore whether certain groups of pupils have different views and experiences. In addition, analyses have been conducted to see whether pupils' views of primary school are associated with variation in pupils' other outcomes in Year 5.