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Borisch, B., Jenkins, C., Hernandez, I., Krech, R., Laaser, U., Lomazzi, M., Miron, E., Moore, M., Nurse, J., Robinson, P. & Yeatman, H. (2015). A global charter for the public's health - The public's health: the role, functions, competencies, education. Geneva, Switzerland: World Federation of Public Health Associations.


Political leaders increasingly perceive health as being crucial to achieving growth, development, equity and stability throughout the world. Health is now understood as a product of complex and dynamic relations generated by numerous determinants at different levels of governance. Governments need to take into account the impact of social, environmental and behavioural health determinants, including economic constraints, living conditions, demographic changes and unhealthy lifestyles in many of the World Health Organization (WHO) Member States. This understanding and increasing globalization means it is very timely to review the role of (global) public health in this changing societal and political environment.