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Barrie, L., Chapman, M., Messiah, E., Beard, J. & Gordon, R. (2015). When it's good to be a quitter: The development of youth orientated counter-marketing anti-tobacco resources. World Social Marketing Conference (pp. 82-84). Fuse Events.


Counter marketing involves the use of commercial marketing techniques to engage young people about harmful health behaviours, and to highlight how the industries producing the products involved in these behaviours have manipulated and targeted them. This study used a counter marketing approach to target youth smokers and nonsmokers from lower SES groups in regional NSW to help change attitudes towards smoking, and contribute towards a reduction in smoking prevalence. Formative research was conducted with young smokers in a local community centre setting, which informed the development of tobacco counter marketing materials and youth engagement activities. Initial process evaluation was also conducted to generate insight on the effect of the counter-marketing program.