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Melhuish, E., Romaniuk, H., Sammons, P., Sylva, K., Siraj-Blatchford, I. & Taggart, B. (2006). Effective Pre-school and Primary Education 3-11 Project (EPPE 3-11): The effectiveness of primary schools in England in key stage 2 for 2002, 2003 and 2004. Nottingham, United Kingdom: Department for Education and Skills.


This research brief reports the results of value added multilevel models to investigate pupil progress during Key Stage 2, controlling for prior attainment and other background factors, for all schools in England over a three year period (2002-4). These models build upon existing work on school effectiveness undertaken by DfES/Ofsted and others by incorporating further area-level variables, examining gender by ethnicity interactions and exploring differential effectiveness of primary schools for pupils with different levels of ability. The work is part of the wider Effective Pre-school and Primary Education 3-11 (EPPE 3-11) project which is studying the development and attainment of 2500 plus young children from age 3 to the end of Key Stage 2.