On the cognitive nature of emotions and the emotional nature of cognitions



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Pons, F., de Rosnay, M., Cuisinier, F. & Bender, P. (2010). On the cognitive nature of emotions and the emotional nature of cognitions. In F. Pons, M. de Rosnay & P. Doudin (Eds.), Emotions in research and practice (pp. 17-37). Aalborg, Denmark: Aalborg University Press.


What is the relation between the quality of children's emotional attachments to their caregivers and their intellectual development? Is there a relation between the emotional valence or content of a text and its comprehension by a pupil? How are emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety related to memory and attention? These are the kinds of questions that both researchers and practitioners in psychological sciences might address when confronted with the issue of the relation between emotion and cognition. This issue provides a framework within which researchers and professionals in cognitive and affective sciences can meet, share and discuss their knowledge. In today's psychological literature, it is impossible to find a cohesive outline of the possible answers to the question of the relation between cognition and emotion. In this chapter we address the form that such an answer might plausibly take.

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