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Wormald, C., Rogers, K. B. & Vialle, W. (2015). A case study of giftedness and specific learning disabilities: Bridging the two exceptionalities. Roeper Review, 37 (3), 124-138.


Despite being unable to dress himself, sit still on a chair, or write a legible sentence, Scott was, from a very early age, able to build whole cities from construction blocks, able to complete complex puzzles, and verbally precocious. Even with his disabilities and their contrast with his academic talent, he completed K-12 school and went on to excel at university. This case study represents the challenges many parents experience with identifying their children's disability and giftedness and ensuring that both exceptionalities are optimally developed. Through this case study, the roles an education system and the parents of such a child must assume if this development is going to happen are highlighted. Recommendations for identification, service provision, professional development for teachers, and collaboration among all parties connected with such students are made.



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