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McKnight, A. (2015). Mingadhuga Mingayung: Respecting Country through Mother Mountain's stories to share her cultural voice in Western academic structures. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 47 (3), 276-290.


The cultural invasion of Yuin Country in Australia did not only colonise the Yuin peoples and Yuin Country itself, it contributed to non-Aboriginal peoples' continual colonised journey of disconnecting self from Mother Earth. Cultural Awareness is a term and process driven by western theories informed by the colonial dualism that functions on separation and differences. Tripartation is a term to assist in a decolonisation and more importantly a re-culturalisation process to place Yuin Country and aligning Stories back into focus for all peoples attached to Yuin Country. Tripartation challenges western dualities to create a philosophical space, place and reality in Aboriginal dualities for non-Aboriginal peoples to find similarities and connections through Stories to build respectful relationships with Aboriginal peoples, Yuin Country and importantly self. Mingadhuga Mingayung (My Mother Your Mother) focus is on identifying whose stories that can conjoin similarities through Stories to guide non-Aboriginal peoples in Yuin Ways of knowing, learning and behaving with Country.



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