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Bell, A. F., Walton, K. L., Tapsell, L. C. & Yoxall, A. (2015). Lift that lid, unscrew that cap, pull that straw: the challenges of hospital food and beverage packaging for the older user.. In G. Lindgaard & D. Moore (Eds.), Proceedings 19th Triennial Congress of the IEA (pp. 1-2). Australia: International Ergonomics Association.


Food and beverage packaging has been found to contribute to malnutrition amongst the older hospital patient. This paper examines the interaction of the older user and regular hospital food and beverage packaging and the role of strength and dexterity in relation to pack opening within a hospital context. Findings demonstrate that the most difficult packs to open require higher levels of dexterity than strength. Manufacturers need to incorporate both universal and transgenerational design principles to maximise pack 'openability' for the older user.