Recruiting and engaging men as fathers in social work practice



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Fleming, J., King, A. & Hunt, T. (2015). Recruiting and engaging men as fathers in social work practice. In M. Pack & J. Cargill (Eds.), Evidence Discovery and Assessment in Social Work Practice (pp. 235-260). Hershey, United States.


Evidence in the research literature suggests that men are usually not engaged by social workers, particularly in child welfare and child protection settings. Mothers also tend to become the focus of intervention, even when there is growing evidence that men can take an active and important role in a child's development in addition to providing support to the mother and family. Whilst there have been some promising developments in including men in social work practice internationally, there remains a gap in the research regarding the engagement of men as fathers in Australia. Given the growing relevance of the topic of fathers, the purpose of this chapter is to add to the current knowledge base, to support social work students and practitioners to engage with men in their role as fathers, and to offer an evidence-based practice model that may assist social workers in their work with men as fathers.

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