Educational psychology: Foundations of learning and development



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Howard, S. & Walton, R. (2015). Educational psychology: Foundations of learning and development. Macksville, Australia: David Barlow Publishing.


A primary goal of pre-service teacher training programs is to facilitate students' understanding of the developing learner. Educational psychology provides important theoretical foundations in this regard, as well as insight into the educational implications and applications of these ideas. Educational Psychology: Foundations of Learning and Development provides a fresh look at established and contemporary educational theory, research and practice from an Australian perspective. The text provides a comprehensive view of seminal theory and research (e.g. Behaviourism, Piaget, Vygotsky, memory, intelligence), as well as often-overlooked topics (e.g. Cognitive Load Theory, creativity) relevant to educators, parents and educational institutions. Integral theoretical concepts are supplemented and supported not only by research evidence, but also by interesting and enlightening examples to make the text easily accessible, engaging and relevant for novices and professionals alike. Although written with pre-service teachers in mind, this text is equally useful for parents and educators seeking a better understanding of learning and development in childhood and adolescence.

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