An examination of in-class physical activity across games classifications



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Perlman, D. J. & Forrest, G. (2015). An examination of in-class physical activity across games classifications. Physical Educator: a magazine for the profession, 72 (2), 266-277.


The purpose of this study was to examine the in-class physical activity opportunities across game classifications. A total of 221 (male, 100; female, 121) Year 9/10 physical education students were used within this study. Each student was engaged in four sport-based units (target, net/wall, striking/fielding, and invasion). Physical activity data were collected during each lesson using an accelerometer. For analysis of data, descriptive statistics were used to examine whether students met physical activity thresholds, and repeated measures ANOVAs were used to examine unit differences. Results indicated (a) none of the lessons met the percentage of time standard for quality physical activity and (b) significant differences between games classifications in regard to moderate to vigorous physical activity were identified. These results indicate that unit of study (i.e., different games classifications) should be considered when focusing on in-class physical activity.

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