Foreword: Literacy and a new global citizenry?



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Freebody, P. (2014). Foreword: Literacy and a new global citizenry?. In C. Burnett, J. Davies, G. Merchant & J. Rowsell (Eds.), New Literacies around the Globe: Policy and Pedagogy (pp. xi-xviii). United States: Routledge.


The title of this volume invites us to see literacy both in a new outfit of its own and as part of extensive new ensemble of social, cultural and economic connections. But as we recover from our drawn-out millennial dose of global 'innovativ-itis', our resistances may be up, and we may find ourselves looking more sceptically at the terms 'new' and 'global'. We may wonder, as the old challenges facing literacy educators reconfigure around us, what new understandings and opportunities actually do appear in these new global times.

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