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Tognolini, J. (2001). Generic versus content-driven assessment. ACACA (Australasian Curriculum, Assessment and Certification Authorities) Conference 2001 (pp. 1-21). Australasian Curriculum, Assessment and Certification Authorities.


In my Masters class I pose the question "How would you respond to the statement : Schools should teach students skills rather than content"? In replying to the question I expect students to make the point that while skills are important, they have to be applied to something, that something is content. I firmly believe that the dichotomy set up between content and skills is a false one. The relationship is one of emphasis and relativity. This paper considers how some of the states and territories have addressed or are currently addressing the relationship between skills and content in a number of their assessment activities. In addition, it examines the idea of authentic assessment and posits an argument that it might be time to challenge the rituals associated with content-based and generic skills-based examinations.