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Kelly, A., O'Shea, S. & Tanner, K. (2014). Diverse learners. In R. Brennan Kemmis & L. Atkins (Eds.), Teaching in the VET Sector in Australia (pp. 75-93). Macksville, Australia: David Barlow Publishing.


This chapter explores student populations in terms of their diversity and special needs and is designed to provide you with a broad grounding in this topic. Beginning with an overview of commonly used terminology in this field, the chapter moves to the learners themselves, providing key statistics and insights into various VET equity cohorts, including an understanding of how learners are 'officially' categorised and defined. The focus then changes to an analysis of key Commonwealth legislation and related policies in the area and an example of a State response. The final sections of the chapter are aimed at providing practical insight into how you, as a VET practitioner, might accommodate and support different learners.