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Butterfield, B. & Chinnappan, M. (2011). Teacher knowledge activated in the context of designing problems. In Julie Clark, Barry Kissane, Judith Mousley, Toby Spencer & Steve Thornton (Eds.), Mathematics: Traditions and [New] Practices (Proceedings of the 34th annual conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia and the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers). Adelaide: AAMT and MERGA.


The investigation of teachers' knowledge that informs practice in the mathematics classroom is an important area for research. This issue is addressed in our larger research program which is aimed at characterising the complexity and multi-dimensionality of this knowledge. A report on an earlier phase of this program (Butterfield & Chinnappan, 2010) showed that pre-service teachers tended to activate more common content knowledge than content that is required for teaching. We build on this previous work by examining the kinds of knowledge that a cohort of pre-service teachers activated in the context of designing a learning task.