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Fraser-Seeto, K., Howard, S. J. & Woodcock, S. (2015). An investigation of teachers' awareness and willingness to engage with a self-directed professional development package on gifted and talented education. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 40 (1), 1-14.


Despite recognising the importance of educators in meeting the needs of gifted and talented students, research indicates that teachers often lack the essential knowledge, skills and confidence to identify and meet the needs of gifted and talented students. Evidence suggests this lack of preparation may be related to teachers' professional development. This quantitative study of 96 primary school teachers aimed to provide an initial insight into the knowledge and uptake of the 2005 DEST/GERRIC Gifted and Talented Training Package. It further aimed to give some insight into teachers' opinions and behaviours as it pertains to this mode of professional development. Results suggest a lack of knowledge and uptake of this training package, despite an overwhelming willingness to undertake this mode of gifted and talented education training as part of professional development. Implications and recommendations conclude the paper.



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