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Veage, S., Ciarrochi, J., Deane, F. P., Andresen, R., Oades, L. G. & Crowe, T. P. (2014). Value congruence, importance and success in the workplace: links with well-being and burnout amongst mental health practiticioners. Journal of Contextual Behavioural Science, 3 (4), 258-264.


Living according to one׳s personal values has implications for wellbeing, and incongruence between personal and workplace values has been associated with burnout. Using the SGP Card Sorting Task (Ciarrochi & Bailey, 2008), this study explored mental health practitioners׳ personal life values and personal work-related values, and their relationships with wellbeing and burnout. Congruence between life and work-related values was related to wellbeing and perceived accomplishment at work. Those whose personal values were consistent with the commonly-shared values of a caring profession experienced lower burnout and higher personal wellbeing. Successfully pursuing one׳s work values predicted lower burnout and greater wellbeing. Honesty, clearly defined work, competence and meeting obligations were associated with lower burnout and higher wellbeing. Acceptance of others and helping others were associated with lower burnout. The implications for recovery-oriented practice are noted. Values clarification exercises may invigorate the sense of meaning in practitioners׳ work, increasing wellbeing and reducing staff burnout.

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