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Meighan, R. & Siraj-Blatchford, I. (1997). A Sociology of Educating. (3 ed.). London, United Kingdom: Cassell.


Since it was first published in 1981, Sociology of Educating has become a firmly established text in its field. This third edition retains much of the structure and content of its predecessors, whilst benefiting from significant changes which take account of educational issues that have arisen and developed in recent years. The text covers a wide range of topics clearly, and in depth. They include further education, home-based teaching, educational research, and grading and examining. In line with current thinking, this edition places increased emphasis on educating outside and beyond the school, and pre-school. Every chapter ends with 'signposts' which encourage students to pursue ideas and themes raised in the text, and the references and suggestions for further reading have been comprehensively updated and expanded to facilitate this. Completely redesigned for greater accessibility, this new edition of A Sociology of Educating is ideal for student teachers as well as experienced teachers and educationalists wishing to reinforce their earlier studies.