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Okely, T., Salmon, J., Vella, S., Cliff, D., Timperio, A., Tremblay, M., Trost, S., Shilton, T., Hinkley, T., Ridgers, N., Phillipson, L., Hesketh, K., Parrish, A., Janssen, X., Brown, M., Emmel, J. & Marino, N. (2012). A systematic review to update the Australian physical activity guidelines for children and young people. Canberra, Australia: Commonwealth of Australia.


The objective of this review is to inform Australian Government policy on the relationship between physical activity (including the amount, frequency, intensity, duration, and type) and health outcome indicators, including the risk and prevention of chronic disease and unhealthy weight gain/obesity, and to provide information to guide evidence-based recommendations that can be used to encourage healthy, active living in apparently healthy children and young people aged 5-17 years, and as a basis for monitoring physical activity on a population level.