Correlates of dementia attitudes in a sample of middle-aged Australian adults



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Phillipson, L., Magee, C. A., Jones, S. C. & Skladzien, E. (2014). Correlates of dementia attitudes in a sample of middle-aged Australian adults. Australasian Journal on Ageing, 33 (3), 158-163.


Aims To examine sociodemographic factors associated with attitudes regarding dementia. Method A cross-sectional, convenience sample of 616 adults aged 40-65 years completed an online survey examining sociodemographic factors and dementia attitudes. The associations between sociodemographic variables and dementia attitudes were examined using general linear modelling. Results Four attitudinal factors were identified. Three were associated with negative attitudes (Personal Avoidance, Fear of Labelling and Fear of Discrimination) and one with more positive attitudes (Person Centredness). Demographic factors (e.g. age, sex, education) were significantly associated with some attitudinal factors. For example, men (P = 0.001) and individuals with lower education levels (P = 0.03) had higher scores on the Personal Avoidance factor. Conclusions This study is the first to examine correlates of attitudes towards dementia in an Australian sample. Future research could improve understanding of distinct factors associated with dementia and lead to strategies to reduce stigmatised views of people with dementia in the community.

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