A focus on pedagogy: Case studies of effective practice



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Siraj-Blatchford, I. (2010). A focus on pedagogy: Case studies of effective practice. In K. Sylva, E. Melhuish, P. Sammons, I. Siraj-Blatchford & B. Taggart (Eds.), Early Childhood Matters: Evidence from the Effective Pre-school and Primary Education Project (pp. 149-165). Abingdon, United Kingdom: Routledge.


This chapter describes the day-to-day experiences in early years settings that lead to better outcomes for children through a focus on pedagogy. In addition to investigating the effects of pre-school provision on young children's development, EPPE explored the characteristics of effective practice (and the pedagogies which underpin them) through collecting intensive, detailed qualitative and quantitative data from twelve case studies of settings with good to excellent child developmental outcomes. This chapter provides working definitions of pedagogy and curriculum before reflecting on some current tensions which currently exist in European discourses around these areas. The chapter goes on to explain the methods used for this part of the study and discusses the key findings.

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