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E. Melhuish (2013). Let evidence lead the way: Findings from the UK's effective provision of pre-school education study. Toronto, Canada, 26 April 2013.


Effective Provision of Pre-School Education (EPPE) is the first major study in the United Kingdom to focus specifically on the effectiveness of early years education. The large-scale, longitudinal study follows the progress and development of 4,000 children in various types of at home and pre-school settings. It explores the characteristics of different kinds of early years settings and their influences on children's early development and their later progress. It is now reporting at age 16. Dr. Melhuish's work explores the effects of student variables (gender, EAL status), family (parental SES, qualifications, home learning etc.) and neighbourhood characteristics on student's secondary school attendance, attitudes, social, behavioural and academic outcomes. The next phase of EPPE, projects future trajectories based on entire family and educational histories and explores possible long-term outcomes in relation to economic indicators (employment, earning etc.).