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Sylva, K., Melhuish, E., Sammons, P., Siraj-Blatchford, I. & Taggart, B. (2007). Promoting equality in the early years: Report to the equalities review. London, United Kingdom: EPPE Project.


In March 2006 the Effective Pre-school and Primary Education Project (EPPE 3-11) team were asked to give evidence on 'Associations between the Pre-School, Home Learning Environment (HLE), Family SES, Ethnicity, Gender and SEN status of children and their attainment at age 7 years' to The Equalities Review team to help inform the consultation paper being prepared for the Cabinet Office. The EPPE team were subsequently commissioned to provide further evidence on equality and inequality in early years education and care. This report to The Equalities Review Team provides an evidential base for practical recommendations that can enhance the life chances and academic success of children who fare poorly at school and are at risk of social exclusion. This commissioned study from the Equalities Review Team brings together important strands of social inequality relevant to the early years phase of education and focuses specifically on the impact of pre-school and the importance of child, family and HLE characteristics on children's development during their early years. It is targeted specifically to inform 'practical action points', i.e. those services or institutions that can be changed in the interest of children from ethnic minorities, from impoverished backgrounds, disadvantaged boys and children with English as an additional language (EAL).