Why children, parents and home learning are important



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Melhuish, E. (2010). Why children, parents and home learning are important. In K. Sylva, E. Melhuish, P. Sammons, I. Siraj-Blatchford & B. Taggart (Eds.), Early Childhood Matters: Evidence from the Effective Pre-school and Primary Education Project (pp. 44-69). Abingdon, United Kingdom: Routledge.


This chapter describes the characteristics of the EPPE children and their families including a range of background characteristics and social demographics. It investigates the relationships between such child, family and home factors and various measures of young children's social behavioural and cognitive development at different ages. It also includes a discussion of the importance of the early years home learnmg envrronment (HLE) experiences and illustrates the way social disadvantage affects chlldren's development and increases the risk of poor outcomes.

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