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Steiner, G. Z., Barry, R. J. & Gonsalvez, C. J. (2014). Nontarget-to-nontarget interval determines the nontarget P300 in an auditory equiprobable Go/NoGo task. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 92 (3), 113-121.


Increases in the target-to-target interval (TTI) systematically enhance the amplitude of the target P300 ERP component. Research examining changes in nontarget P300 related to nontarget-to-nontarget interval (NNI) or sequential probability manipulations has produced inconsistent results, with some studies reporting no enhancement in nontarget P300 and others finding response profiles analogous to TTI effects. Our aim was to clarify these differences. All participants completed a specially designed auditory equiprobable Go/NoGo task with manipulations of TTI and NNI while their EEG activity was recorded. P300 amplitudes were extracted using temporal PCA with Varimax rotation. P3b to targets and nontargets increased systematically as respective TTIs/NNIs increased, but this change did not differ between stimulus types. The Slow Wave did not show any effect of interval, but was more positive to targets than nontargets when interval was collapsed. P3b findings show that matching-stimulus interval effects are not restricted to targets, but discrepancies relative to previous research suggest that NNI effects in P3b may depend on additional processing of nontarget stimuli.



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