Introduction: questioning geography



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Sherman, D., Rogers, A. & Castree, N. (2005). Introduction: questioning geography. In N. Castree, A. Rogers & D. Sherman (Eds.), Questioning Geography: Fundamental Debates (pp. 1-5). Malden, USA: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.


Upper-level undergraduates and postgraduates taking geography degrees are usually required to take a course unit on the history, nature and philosophy of their subject. For many undergraduates it is a unit to be endured rather than enjoyed. For many postgraduates, by contrast, it is an important part of their journey to becoming professional geographers. Whether you're reading these words because you have to or because you want to, we hope that Questioning Geography demonstrates why close scrutiny of our discipline's character is necessary, interesting and even, perhaps, intellectually exciting. Before we explain the book's distinctive approach to its subject matter, let us first remind you why your degree course contains a unit that requires you to consult a book like this one. There are at least two major reasons for such modules.

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