Neoliberal ecologies



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Castree, N. (2007). Neoliberal ecologies. In N. Heynen, J. Mccarthy, S. Prudham & P. Robbins (Eds.), Neoliberal Environments: False Promises and Unnatural Consequences (pp. 281-286). New York, NY: Routledge.


Imagine the impossible: a world without geography. This would be a headof- a-pin world where everything takes place at one, and only one, site. Or, to view things another way, it would be an isotropic planet where all sorts of different places, peoples and environments were entirely homogenous- and thus not different at all. Now imagine how this world would look if opposed theoretical perspectives on neoliberalism were to be made flesh. Friedrich Hayek and Karl Polanyi, as Michael Watts (Chapter 23, this volume) reminds us, published their magnum opuses in the same year (1944), the beginning of a period when classical (or 'disembedded') liberalism became yesterday's news. These days, The Road to Se1jdom and The Great Transformation are cited by champions and critics of neoliberalism respectively as making among the strongest cases for and against the phenomena. So how, exactly, would our ageographical world look if the arguments of Hayek and Polanyi were to hold true on the ground?

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