Place: connections and boundaries in an interdependent world



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Castree, N. (2003). Place: connections and boundaries in an interdependent world. In S. L. Holloway, S. P. Rice & G. Valentine (Eds.), Key Concepts in Geography (pp. 165-185). London: SAGE.


Places are not what they used to be. Consider the two quotations above. Writing over six decades ago, Hartshorne, one of the most influential geographers of his generation, famously argued that geography's principal aim was the study of 'areal differentiation'. The world, he argued in The Nature of Geography (1939), was a rich and fascinating mosaic of places, and the geographer's task was to describe and explain this 'variable character' in both its human and physical dimensions. Writing on the cusp of a new millennium, the geographer and sociologist Castells sees things very differently.

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