Spaces of Work: Global Capitalism and the Geographies of Labour



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Castree, N., Coe, N. M., Ward, K. & Samers, M. (2004). Spaces of Work: Global Capitalism and the Geographies of Labour. London, UK: Sage Publications. http://www.uk.sagepub.com/books/Book210835#tabview=toc


Spaces of Work is an accessible examination of the role of labour in the modern world. The authors critically assess the present condition and future prospects for workers through the geographies of place, space and scale, and in conjunction with other more commonly studied components of the globalisation such as production, trade and finance. Each chapter presents examples of labour practice from around the world, and across multiple sectors of work, not just Western manufacturing. In addition, the book features: · further reading section with key questions · glossary of key terms · short summaries of the main theoretical approaches · guide to further learning resouces Spaces of Work is a key book for all social scientists interested in the contemporary state of labour, and the scope for progressive change within the capitalist system. Students of human geography, sociology, international political economy, economics and cultural studies will all find this an invaluable text.

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