Teaching in inclusive school environments



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Woodcock, S., Dixon, R. M. & Tanner, K. (2013). Teaching in inclusive school environments. Australia: David Barlow Publishing.


Teaching in Inclusive School Environments aims to provide pre-service as well as new in-service teachers with knowledge and skills that will help them understand inclusive classrooms. As well as laying the foundations for differentiating in inclusive settings, this book aims to stand apart from other available textbooks in that it offers practical strategies aimed at helping teachers understand the individual needs of students with disabilities. An innovative feature of this book is the attempt to provide case studies and strategies relevant to both primary school and high school teachers. The strategies presented are based on 'best practice' in special education and the personal teaching experience of the authors. The book has also been designed to support undergraduate students in their mandatory courses. At the end of each chapter are activities that are suitable for university tutorials and/or personal reflection and more extensive enquiry.

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