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Luckie, R. (1999). Turning memories into memoirs: The Australian experience. TEXT, 3 (1).


Eighteen months ago I began to teach a hybrid course of "creative writing/writing life stories" through Kiama Adult & Community Education. I searched the Internet for resources and happened upon a web page "Turning Memories into Memoirs" which promoted lifewriting and had a network of teaching affiliates. The author of the program, Denis Ledoux, has been teaching lifewriting since 1988. His partner and publisher, artist Martha Blowen and I began an e-mail correspondence of gigantic proportions. I lived through their severe ice storm, saw the Arkansas massacre through her eyes, learnt about home schooling and life in Maine. We've e-mailed photos and recipes and discussed the meaning of life. In June 1998, I spent ten days in Maine with Martha & Denis and visited other "Turning Memories" affiliates in the United States and Canada. This paper is a personal journey of teaching life writing in a community setting using the resources of the Internet.