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Harris, P., Trezise, J. & Winser, W. N. (2004). Where is the story?: Intertextual reflections on literary research and practices in the early school years. Research in the Teaching of English, 38 (3), 250-261.


The authors gave the following talk at the 2003 NCTE Annual Convention in San Francisco upon receiving the Alan C. Purves Award, presented to the RTE article from the previous year's volume judged most likely to have an impact on classroom practice. Writing as lead author, Pauline Harris traces the history of her interest in children's intertextuality through her life as a classroom teacher, her doctoral studies in the Bay Area, and her recent work with colleagues Jillian Trezise and W. N. Winser in Australia. As they describe the impetus behind their award-winning article and suggest directions for future research, the authors challenge classroom teachers to understand children's intertextuality as a source of pleasure and complexity, and as a guide to appropriate and engaging instruction.