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Gomes, B. Santos., Cantini, E., Tommasone, S., Gibson, J. S., Wang, X., Zhu, Q., Ma, J., McGettrick, J. D., Watson, T. M., Preece, J. A., Kirkman-Brown, J. C., Publicover, S. J. & Mendes, P. M. (2018). On-demand electrical switching of antibody-antigen binding on surfaces. ACS Applied Bio Materials, 1 (3), 738-747.


The development of stimuli-responsive interfaces between synthetic materials and biological systems is providing the unprecedented ability to modulate biomolecular interactions for a diverse range of biotechnological and biomedical applications. Antibody-antigen binding interactions are at the heart of many biosensing platforms, but no attempts have been made yet to control antibody-antigen binding in an on-demand fashion. Herein, a molecular surface was designed and developed that utilizes an electric potential to drive a conformational change in surface bound peptide moiety, to give on-demand control over antigen-antibody interactions on sensor chips. The molecularly engineered surfaces allow for propagation of conformational changes from the molecular switching unit to a distal progesterone antigen, resulting in promotion (ON state) or inhibition (OFF state) of progesterone antibody binding. The approach presented here can be generally applicable to other antigen-antibody systems and meets the technological needs for in situ long-term assessment of biological processes and disease monitoring ondemand.



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