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Dominick, D., Wilson, S. R., Paton-Walsh, C., Humphries, R., Guerette, E., Keywood, M., Selleck, P., Kubistin, D. & Marwick, B. (2019). Particle Formation in a Complex Environment. Atmosphere, 10 (5), 275-1-275-25.


A field aerosol measurement campaign as part of the Measurements of Urban, Marine and Biogenic Air (MUMBA) campaign was conducted between 16 January 2013 and 15 February 2013 in the coastal city of Wollongong, Australia. The objectives of this research were to study the occurrence frequency, characteristics and factors that influence new particle formation processes. Particle formation and growth events were observed from particle number size distribution data in the range of 14 nm-660 nm measured using a scanning particle mobility sizer (SMPS). Four weak Class I particle formation and growth event days were observed, which is equivalent to 13% of the total observation days. The events occurred during the day, starting after 8:30 Australian Eastern Standard time with an average duration of five hours. The events also appeared to be positively linked to the prevailing easterly to north easterly sea breezes that carry pollutants from sources in and around Sydney. This suggests that photochemical reactions and a combination of oceanic and anthropogenic air masses are among the factors that influenced these events.

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