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Spry, C., Hayes, E., Fullagar, R., Tuechler, A., Schell, P. & Goulding, M. (2019). An unusual, incised ground stone artefact from southwestern Victoria, Australia: its function and potential symbolic significance. Australian Archaeology, 85 (1), 95-101.


An unusual, incised sandstone artefact recovered during an archaeological salvage program in Bannockburn, southwestern Victoria, has been uniformly ground and contains sets of regularly spaced, shallow grooves on either side. Microscopic study indicates that the grooves were incised with stone and used to sharpen or shape the edges of wooden implements. The wear outside the grooves indicates contact with soft wood or other plant material, possibly a soft plant bag. When compared with other examples that are similar, the regularity and distribution of the grooves suggest a symbolic meaning, perhaps tally marks or other form of communication.



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