Taking the heat out of exercise to improve vascular health



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Francois, M. Emily. & Thomas, K. Nicole. (2016). Taking the heat out of exercise to improve vascular health. The Journal of Physiology, 594 (23), 6811-6812.


Heat, mechanical tension and substrate turnover are key elements of exercise that drive important and wide-ranging health benefits of regular exercise. Of these, heat as an unaccompanied stressor is currently receiving attention as apossible supplement, or alternative to exercise for those who cannot tolerate traditional exercise training. During and following passive heating the cardiovascular system is significantly challenged; depending on the stimulus, physiological responses include decreased central venous and arterial pressure, increased heart rate and sympathetic activity, and redistribution of blood volume to increase cutaneous blood flow. Many of these responses simulate the cardiovascular adjustments that occur during and after a bout of exercise.

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