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Turney, C. S.M., McGregor, H. V., Francus, P., Abram, N., Evans, M. N., Goosse, H., von Gunten, L., Kaufman, D., Linderholm, H., Loutre, M. & Neukom, R. (2019). Introduction to the special issue "Climate of the past 2000 years: Regional and trans-regional syntheses". Climate of the Past, 15 (2), 611-615.


This PAGES (Past Global Changes) 2k (climate of the past 2000 years working group) special issue of Climate of the Past brings together the latest understanding of regional change and impacts from PAGES 2k groups across a range of proxies and regions. The special issue has emerged from a need to determine the magnitude and rate of change of regional and global climate beyond the timescales accessible within the observational record. This knowledge also plays an important role in attribution studies and is fundamental to understanding the mechanisms and environmental and societal impacts of recent climate change. The scientific studies in the special issue reflect the urgent need to better understand regional differences from a truly global view around the PAGES themes of "Climate Variability, Modes and Mechanisms", "Methods and Uncertainties", and "Proxy and Model Understanding".



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