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Scharko, N. K., Oeck, A. M., Tonkyn, R. G., Baker, S. P., Lincoln, E. N., Chong, J., Corcoran, B. M., Burke, G. M., Weise, D. R., Myers, T. L., Banach, C. A., Griffith, D. W.T. & Johnson, T. J. (2019). Identification of gas-phase pyrolysis products in a prescribed fire: First detections using infrared spectroscopy for naphthalene, methyl nitrite, allene, acrolein and acetaldehyde. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 12 (1), 763-776.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted from many sources, including wildland fire. VOCs have received heightened emphasis due to such gases' influential role in the atmosphere, as well as possible health effects. We have used extractive infrared (IR) spectroscopy on recent prescribed burns in longleaf pine stands and herein report the first detection of five compounds using this technique. The newly reported IR detections include naphthalene, methyl nitrite, allene, acrolein and acetaldehyde. We discuss the approaches used for detection, particularly the software methods needed to fit the analyte and multiple (interfering) spectral components within the selected spectral micro-window(s). We also discuss the method's detection limits and related parameters such as spectral resolution.



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