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Suthiphasilp, V., Maneerat, W., Andersen, R. J., Pyne, S. G., Muanprasat, C., Seemakhan, S., Borwornpinyo, S. & Laphookhieo, S. (2018). Coumarins and flavones from the fruit and root extracts of Micromelum integerrimum. Natural Product Research, Online First 1-6.


A phytochemical investigation of the fruit and root extracts of Micromelum integerrimum resulted in the isolation and identification of a new compound, integerravone (1), together with 23 known compounds (2-24). Their structures were characterized by spectroscopic methods as well as comparisons made from the literature. Compounds 2, 3-15, 17-18 and 20-23 were evaluated for their cytotoxicities against the colon cancer cell line, HCT116. All of them were inactive at 50 µM. Most of the phenolic compounds were evaluated for their antioxidant activity using the DPPH assay. Compounds 14 and 22-24 showed antioxidant activity with IC50 values ranging from 24.83-135.05 µM.



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