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Oliver, T. S.N., Donaldson, P., Roach, M., Woodroffe, C. D. & Sharples, C. (2018). Reply to: Punctuated transgression (?): Comment on Oliver, T.S.N., Donaldson, P., Sharples, C., Roach, M., and Woodroffe, C.D. "Punctuated progradation of the Seven Mile Beach Holocene barrier system, southeastern Tasmania". Marine Geology, 405 131-133.


Our interpretation of the depositional history of the prograded barrier at Seven Mile Beach in Tasmania, described in Oliver et al. (2017a), was based on the morphology of ridges apparent in the LiDAR-based digital elevation data and a sample of 14 optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL) ages. Dougherty (2018) has identified gaps in the chronology and speculated that progradation may have occurred as sea level fell from a mid-Holocene highstand inappropriately applying sea-level curves from mainland Australia. Despite a highstand being inferred by early research in Tasmania, glacio-isostatic modelling and recent sea-level studies adopted a prevailing view that excluded a highstand. Our observations led us to question this prevailing view and to suggest that it might be appropriate to reopen the debate on Holocene sea-level change in Tasmania. We welcome the renewed interest in the chronology and sea-level history of this prograded barrier, and look forward to further clarification based on new evidence. The site may have the potential to become one of the more continuous and better-constrained sea-level records in southern Australia.



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