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Chan, B. K. K., Aguilar, L., Hou, B., Kang, H. & Kim, S. (2018). Complete mitochondrial genome of the catophragmid barnacle Catomerus polymerus (Cirripedia, Thoracica, Balanomorpha, Catophragmidae). Mitochondrial DNA Part B: Resources, 3 (2), 1286-1287.


The family Catophragmidae is one of the lower balanomorphs from traditional and recent multiple mitochondrial and nuclear markers molecular analysis. Here, we characterized the first mitogenome of the catophragmid barnacle Catomerus polymerus, which was 15,446 bp in length with a 68.3% AT content. The mitogenome had the typical pancrustacean gene arrangement, which was identical to the mitogenome configurations of the chthamalid Octomeris sp. and pachylasmatoid Eochionelasmus ohtai. On the mitogenomic tree, the catophragmid Catomerus polymerus formed an independent branch that was basal to the members of the superfamilies Tetraclitoidea and Balanoidea, which was inconsistent with previous findings.



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