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Khunkaew, S., Tungpunkom, P., Sim, J. & Fernandez, R. (2018). The Experiences of people in Northern Thailand living with Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A descriptive qualitative study. Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research, 22 (4), 304-318.

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Thailand Nursing Council


Diabetic foot ulcers are a main cause of morbidity related to type 2 diabetes. Living with a diabetic foot ulcer has a significant impact on health-related quality of life and has a negative impact on daily living among people with the condition. The aim of this study was to explore the experiences of Thai adults living with diabetic foot ulcers using a descriptive qualitative design. Participants were recruited from the outpatient diabetes and foot clinic at a tertiary teaching hospital in Northern Thailand from January to April 2017. In-depth interviews were conducted with 13 participants using a semi-structured interview guide. Thematic analysis was used to identify the participants' experiences and two themes were identified: 1) living with a diabetic foot ulcer and 2) managing a diabetic foot ulcer. The findings enhance the knowledge of healthcare professionals and the public to understand the experience of having diabetic foot ulcers and contribute to understanding how to manage a diabetic foot ulcer based on the participant's experiences in the Thai context. Nurses must provide knowledge and self-care skills as part of routine care to improve health-related quality of life for people with diabetic foot ulcers.