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Jones, S. & Watson, G. (2021). Comprendiendo los sistemas biológicos terrestres de la Antártica en un clima cambiante. Boletín Antártico Chileno, 40 (2), 25-28.

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Boletín Antártico Chileno


Antarctica is known for its unique flora and fauna; however, the current rate of change occurring across the continent threatens many of these species. Rapid changes in Antarctic ecosystems have been observed. Long-term monitoring, an essential component of ecological research, is needed to monitor these changes. Knowing how Antarctica’s ecological communities are responding to environmental changes is vital in understanding community resilience and resistance, predicting regime shifts, and providing crucial information for management and policy development. Current long-term biodiversity monitoring of Antarctic terrestrial communities is limited by spatial and species biases. Inconsistencies in the methodologies used for monitoring further limits our ability to draw comprehensive comparisons between studies. This demonstrates the need for harmonised protocols and data sharing in Antarctic research.

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