How coronary artery catheterisation has influenced cardiovascular nursing – An historical Australian perspective



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Curtis, E., Fernandez, R., Moroney, T. & Lee, A. (2020). How coronary artery catheterisation has influenced cardiovascular nursing – An historical Australian perspective. Collegian, Online First


© 2020 Background: Cardiovascular nursing has emerged as a vital specialty area in Australia with coronary artery disease having a significant impact on the health care system. Coronary catheterisation and interventions are currently the gold standard for the diagnosis and management of patients with coronary artery disease and has been conducted globally for the past 80 years. Aim: This review details the events that led to the historical development of coronary artery catheterisation along with highlights and developments that occurred in Australia and how this has influenced the development of cardiovascular nursing in Australia and potential future directions for expansion. Method: Historical methods using both primary and secondary sources were used. Initially secondary sources were accessed to create a timeline of potential archive locations to access. Primary sources of documentation in relation to nursing development in this area were scarce or otherwise included minimal information. Findings and discussion: The history of coronary angiography extends to over five decades in Australia. It was first performed in Australia in 1962 by Dr Benness at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney. Since then as a result of continuing research, technological and medication-related advancements, there have been numerous changes in technique, materials used and indications for the procedure. These advances in technology have resulted in reduced complication rates, increased patient satisfaction and patient safety. Conclusion: Developments started slowly and were clouded in ridicule for the pioneers in this area, these international developments have had a significant impact on the Australian population and evolution of treatment for cardiovascular disease in Australia. Associated advancements afforded developments in nursing practice and allowed nurses to work at extended scopes of practice and saw the new roles for nursing

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