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Burns, P., Ellmers, G., Tootell, H., Slowikowski, S., Pascoe, C., Garner, A., Lau, S., Dixon, R. & Szafraniec, M. (2020). The design and development of a community based multisensory room. Design for Health, online first 1-15.


This case study describes the design and development of a multisensory environment for use by a local community, in response to local needs. Multisensory environments allow users to control the sensory inputs they experience from the environment. This autonomy may be especially impactful for those living with autism or dementia. The evidence base supporting the design, development and implementation of multisensory environments has been limited to date. This case study explores the evolution of the interdisciplinary team from a request for collaboration to the creation of a functioning multisensory room. It describes the experiences of the group of researchers finding shared understandings and evolving to a transdisciplinary approach.



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